To use a Center Ruler you just match up the outside edges of the object to the marks on the ruler - the zero mark shows you the center point. No measuring, calculating fractions or other figuring is needed. It also makes for quick, easy layout of multiple items on a larger object - like items on a scrapbook page. The bottom edge is a regular ruler for everyday use.


The Center Ruler is made from either durable, satin-finish, stainless steel or heavy guage, matte black anodyzed aluminum. All lettering and lines are laser-engraved for a black, permanent mark on the steel and a high-contrast white mark on the aluminum rulers. Has a hole for hanging. This is the finest centering ruler device on the market.

Users Say:

I am a scrapbooker and YES, WE LOVE THEM (Center Rulers)!!!

Roberta Davenport
Portland, Oregon

I use my Center Ruler every day in my woodworking shop making everything from clocks to furniture. It saves time, it's accurate and is really easy to use.

Buzz Collins
Lebanon, Oregon

I use my Center Ruler almost daily and wouldn't be without it. It makes saves time, saves my reputation - and makes my products look great!

Cindy Murdoch
Cascade Engraving & Awards
Springfield, OR

--the rulers are wonderful! I am a quilter and sometimes it is easier for me to design my own patterns.

Ethel E. D'Amario
Westmoreland, NH