The Center Ruler makes finding a center point easy, quick and accurate.
This short video shows how you can use it for a variety of handcraft projects from woodworking to scrapbooking.

The Center Ruler Product Line


The Center Ruler comes in stainless steel or black aluminum and a variety of sizes to fit every handcrafters
need. Whether you are doing woodworking, scrapbooking, photo layouts, designing, quilting,
or any other type of craft work there is a Center Ruler available to make your work easier and quicker.
The picture above shows the sizes and styles available. The Center Ruler is available in 24", 18", 12", and 6" sizes.

Stainless steel rulers are slightly heavier and more durable while the aluminum rulers have a high contrast white lettering
on a black background for better legibility. Both are made from heavy gauge material and both feature the same high quality, permanent, laser-etched lettering.

All Center Rulers are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.

Order yours now! Or make it the perfect gift for any handcrafter!

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Center Ruler